The Autobiography of Samuel Laing of Papdale 178-1868 - R.P. Fereday (editor)


Laing’s own words edited and supplemented.


Dr. Fereday has produced a fascinating book, which is in fact both the autobiography and biography of Samuel Laing. More than half of the book consists of Samuel Laing’s earlier life, since he was writing for his son and daughter’s benefit. And what an account it is. There is gossip and tittle tattle, name dropping, comments on relatives, exciting tales of derring do in the Peninsular War, interesting descriptions of his extensive travels in Europe, and the establishing of the herring fishing in Stronsay. There is even an account of an 1800s style Dad’s Army. . . . Throughout the style is lively and readable. . . . The text is well illustrated with relevant maps and photographs and also has easy to follow family trees.

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